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Gain visibility and control of your operations. SynergySuite's modular restaurant management platform allows you to use only the tools you need, without paying for anything you don't.
Save 2-6% on food and labor costs, get real-time reporting on the information that matters to you, and manage complex franchisee hierarchies in a single system.
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Inventory & Purchasing

Get real-time theoretical inventory, easy reconciliation with actual inventory, recipe costing, and painless purchasing with POS and EDI integrations.

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Improve profitability with daily P&L reports and other insights so you make data-driven decisions. Fully custom reporting available, as well as 200 pre-made reports.



Custom checklists that are always up to date and available to your employees in an app. Make opening, closing, and other daily tasks a breeze.

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Food Safety

Protect customers and your brand with food safety tools and compliance records. Integrate with Bluetooth temperature probes and sensors for accurate readings.

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Labor & Scheduling, HR

Save your managers hours of time with predictive scheduling, and let employees manage their schedules in an app with one-click manager approval. Plus maintain staff records and track employee lifecycles.

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Cash Management

Monitor cash movement, automatically reconcile cash and create alerts when out of variance.

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SynergySuite is the enterprise restaurant management suite that runs back of house the way you want. See how our fully integrated platform goes everywhere you do. 

  • With our all-in-one modular system, you can use exactly the tools you need without paying for ones you don't. Plus, the entire system was built together, so you don't have to deal with integration headaches.
  • We work the way restaurants do, which is why SynergySuite was built mobile first. Employees can access daily tasks and schedules from a phone or tablet, making life easier in a busy restaurant.
  • Our cloud-based system means you don't have to manually install or upgrade your software. All your data is at your fingertips.

The SynergySuite system decreases a lot of time that was previously needed with actual paperwork and spreadsheets. That right there is a huge time and cost savings. In this business, pennies make dollars. Those are points of profitability that turn into thousands of dollars. And that's the difference between having okay unit-level economics to great unit-level economics—and that makes franchisees happy.

Charles Watson

CEO, Tropical Smoothie Cafe

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