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PreChange Management - Plan, Execute, and Manage Change in Your Restaurants
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Pre Change Management - Plan, Execute, and Manage Change in Your Restaurants

Mastering change management is a fundamental skill for technology leaders, demanding a blend of strategic prowess, effective communication, meticulous planning, and flawless execution. Nevertheless, achieving success in this realm remains an arduous task. The involvement of multiple stakeholders, the intricate nature of technology, vague key performance indicators (KPIs), and resistance across various levels frequently give rise to disorder and impediments during any transformative process.

A pivotal factor in ensuring effective change lies in the preliminary phase, which we will explore in this webinar. Leveraging insights from the accomplished journeys of industry leaders Cijoy, Carissa, and Kerry, each having orchestrated successful technological overhauls in sizable franchised brands, we will scrutinize specific areas where the pre-change phase emerges as a linchpin for triumph.

Join Cristal Ghitman, SynergySuite's Director of Strategic Partnerships alongside the following presenters as they discuss all things change management below.

- Cijoy O., CEO of clearAjna
- Carissa De Santis, CTO of Brix Holdings
- Kerry Leo, VP of Technology at Shipley Do-Nuts

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