EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVES: Attracting Multi-Unit Franchisees

The Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit went off with a bang!

During the summit, our VP of Sales, Brett Berger, along with top industry leaders held a panel on "How to Attract Multi-Unit Franchisees."

In this guide put together by RFIS in collaboration with SynergySuite, you'll learn:

  • Tactics and strategies restaurants have utilized for franchisee development.
  • How to reduce barriers for franchisees.
  • Qualities of multi-unit franchisee owners.
  • How to develop a franchisee-centered brand.
  • How to navigate the challenge of finding good franchisees for your brand.
  • How franchisee owners determine if your brand is good for their portfolio.
  • & So much more! Check out the full guide for details, research, quotes, and highlights from the RFIS Summit.
Attracting multi unit franchisees RFIS & SYNERGYSUITE 2022 - Brett Berger (Book Cover) (2000 × 3000 px)-1

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