On-Demand RFIS 2022 Panel: Attracting Multi-Unit Franchisees

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At the Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit, executives from leading brands share their success stories of the numerous ways they have innovated to grow their franchises. 2022 didn't disappoint! Watch a live panel from 2022's show on-demand now!

Attracting Multi-Unit Franchisees

About the live panel:

The 2022 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit went off with a bang!

During the summit, top industry leaders held a panel on "How to Attract Multi-Unit Franchisees."

Franchising is all about growing a brand’s presence, but while some brands thrive at capturing the attention of successful multi-unit operators, others fall flat. But why? What is missing from those brands’ operations model that just can’t seem to get it right? 

This panel of franchisors and franchisees will tell you:

  • How to navigate the challenge of finding good franchisees for your brand.
  • Qualities of multi-unit franchise owners.
  • How to reduce barriers for franchisees.
  • & more!

Check out the full line-up of panelists:

Screenshot 2022-07-22 142450

Prefer to read instead? Check out the eGuide put together in collaboration with RFIS that gives insights, research, and discussions garnished from this panel below.

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